I Broke the Bakers Code

I have never ever NOT taken a taste test or two (or three… okay way more) of cookie dough when making cookies.

That would break some sort of baker code.

At least in the code that my mom taught me. And the code her mom taught her. And the code I plan to teach my daughter someday.

The baking code.

‘Thou shalt test thy cookie dough many times.’

I had never broken that code until this past week.


I made cowboy cookies and didn’t have a single bite of cookie dough. Or even lick any dough off my fingertips, or the spoon. Not that I didn’t want to, trust me I did. It went against every baking fiber of my body. But with the most self control I’ve showed in years, I made a couple dozen cookies for a couples bible study and didn’t touch them.


Because this week I’m eating completely gluten and dairy free. I’m also avoiding added sugar/sweets and caffeine. I’m still dealing with digestive problems, and based on others experiences and my past faux elimination diet trial, I’m trying this out for a couple weeks to see if it helps.

And the only reason I would break the bakers code is if it was absolutely necessary. And it is. My health is very important. I even turned down homemade peanut butter cookies this week.

But my inner baker has been crying out, “cookies! Cookies!” And then I stumbled upon a yummy vegan & gluten free cookie recipe! …and I decided I had to make them that same night.

The original recipe can be found here at Chocolate Covered Katie, a vegan baker and blogger. She has a ton of other amazing recipes on her blog as well, so be sure to check her out!


I varied the recipe a bit, taking the necessary taste tests along the way. {I had to redeem myself and keep my bakers code!}

Here’s the rough recipe I followed:
– 1 ripe banana
– a couple spoons of applesauce
~1/4 cup almond butter (creamy/salted)
~ a handful or 2 of dried cranberries
~ 1 tsp vanilla
~ a few lot shakes of cinnamon {I love cinnamon}
~ a dash of salt
~ a touch of agave (I put in less than a 1/2 tsp)

Mix banana, applesauce, & almond butter. Add rest of ingredients & mix together. Spoon onto baking stone and cook @350 for ~10-12 mins.

I kept adding oats because the mixture looked too thin and liquid-y. I finally put them in the oven, convinced I would be pulling out a melted mess in a matter of minutes, but they turned out great!

They are the perfect healthy version of an oatmeal cookie. They’re not crunchy or chewy or overly sweet. Instead they have a fluffy texture with an oaty taste complimented by the occasional cranberry. My hubby probably won’t like them, but he likes his cookies to taste like cookie cookies. He doesn’t mind earthy/healthy tastes, so long as those tastes don’t call themselves cookies. I, on the other hand, like knock off versions that are better for you, and I like the healthier taste. If they taste good, they can call themselves whatever they like.

So I grabbed up a couple with my glass of almond milk and indulged in my healthy version of milk and cookies.


P.s. They don’t flatten out like normal cookies, so make sure you spoon them into whatever shape you want them to hold! I’m making fun shapes and creations next time!!

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