American Heart Association Wedding Faire – Reno/Tahoe Engagement Session Winner Announcement


Behind the Scenes…

We’ve had our booth nailed down for a couple years now, and I’ve always wanted to see a video of the actual setup process. Enter the iPhone 6 and its awesome time-lapse feature. Throughout the two days of setup (day before and morning of the show) we setup the phone across from our booth to capture the setup process. This show’s setup did not go as planned. Jeff couldn’t help the day before, so my friend Kalee came. (THANK YOU KALEE!). I locked the keys in the truck, we dropped the bookcase, and I hammered my thumb. But the final setup was fantastic! Here’s the final time-lapse setup!

(Wait a few seconds for the video to load, or click here to watch directly. Note there is no sound.)

And the winner is…

This year at the American Heart Association Wedding Faire, we wanted to give away an engagement session. Anyone that talked with us at our booth was entered to win.  The show flew by, and I owe that to each of you that took the time to chat with us for a couple minutes. Thank you!
Without further adieu… Click play for the winner reveal!

(Wait a few seconds for the video to load, or click here to watch directly)


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